Saturday, May 31, 2008

Phnom Penh Calling!

We are about to finish our lunch when I noticed this smoke coming out from one of the rooftops on the nearby suburb. We are at the 4th floor of this 8-storey shopping center with a view of rooftops of flats surrounding the building.

I am not sure if one of the flat there is burning, maybe they are just cooking or they have a bakery or disposing some old stuff. But the smoke is getting thicker unless they are burning tires.

As we reached back to the office sirens echoed on the boulevard in front of the office building and I have thought to myself that maybe that surely was a flat burning down.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - American Spies? CIA?

Mug shots of poor innocent kids accused of being spies before execution. Story to be posted soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Genting Skyway – A sky high experience

This is one impressive ride experience so far, 11 Minutes of hang time in the air several meters above. 1st 2 minutes gives you a little bit of worry, it’s my first time taking this ride and I can’t help myself feeling that way. But as it goes up you fill find yourself already enjoying the breathtaking view of the mountain and green forest trees below.

Each car or Gondola has a capacity of 8 persons. Feel a little swing in the air and some humps as it pass by on the posts linking the strong cable holding the car. It’s really different up there than the big wheel at the Eye on Malaysia a day before.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good photo on top, since the glass is quite blurred and has some scratch. There’s no such wiper like the front of your car and I don’t want to hang there outside and clean it!

It feels like in Star Wars or other futuristic movies that cars don’t take the roads anymore. It was a different experience hanging up there, the entire trip was enjoying.