Monday, January 21, 2008

Money Tree

This should be the tree that you would like to grow in your garden.

After we have welcomed 2008 few weeks ago, Chinese New Year is fast approaching and we were tasked by our boss to look for the money tree that we can place in our office. How I see it, it seems that this is their version of Christmas tree but this one has its own significant purpose. It brings fortune to the household for the New Year, especially when its flowers spring out on the very day of Chinese New Year.

We went to my colleague’s in-laws garden last Friday (18 Jan.) and these groups of trees called my attention.

These are also money trees which can be placed at home or office any time even there’s no occasion. It costs around $ 60.00 to $ 70.00 per pot. This also brings prosperity and wealth to the household or owners where these trees are installed. It has been cut in order to grow new leaves that usually grow in seven that signals a good fortune.

I like the way they were cut and arrange, it looks like they are props or a scene in a fiction movie, or trees in the forest that has been ravaged which is really a bad one. (Please, let’s save our forest and replace those trees that are taken down.)

We found the tree that we are looking for, but the flowers have not yet sprouted out. Guess how much each tree costs? Around $ 150.00 to $ 200.00, depending on the height and structure of the tree. To some it’s worth paying for since it brings back double or even triple or more fortune.

I have seen also some varieties of orchids and other flora and fauna in which relaxing to the eyes. If I have bought my house and lot already I would like to have a garden with these beautiful plants. I know we will enjoy gardening, growing those plants with my beloved one. It’s been awhile too that I wasn’t able to get my hands dirty doing these things. At home we have a small garden and I used to take care of our plants with my Mom.

Friday, January 18, 2008

a new beginning...


I have just created this blog and as the first post, I would like to welcome you all and thank you for dropping by.

Various things will be posted soon in this blog. From experiences, things and events witnessed, sports, politics, current events, music and anything under the sun that I can think of to write down.

I look forward that you will find my articles, opinions and reviews interesting and informative.

Again Welcome and Happy Viewing! Hope to see you all here always on my blog.