Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Maze

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Magic Tree

Apologies for the words. It should be wordless, but once again it proved that the image will speak for itself.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Some muddy side of the countryside.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lakers run dry, Celtics are world Champs again!

Finally, after 22 years of waiting, the Boston Celtics are on the driving seat on expanding its franchise history with the most championships in the NBA beating L.A. Lakers 131 – 92 for its 17th NBA championship. It was nobody’s game during the 1st quarter, but the Celtics pulled away on the 2nd and never looked back until on the final buzzer. It was one of the most impressive games in the league history. A lot of record was made and broken.

History repeats itself

Celtics won the last NBA championships in 1986 beating the Houston Rockets in game 6. They recorded 24 wins only in 2007 season with no playoffs appearance, but this game 6, it was a mission accomplished for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen who joined this team to help Paul Pierce win the Larry O’Brien trophy. They set 66 wins for this season, still the 3 humbly resisted to be called us the new big 3 of the franchise from Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish 20 years ago. It was a worth investment by the franchise and a smart team overhauling by General Manager Danny Ainge, bringing the 2 superstars on Boston to play with Paul Pierce, on whom the only player left after the team revamp.

Phil Jackson, Lakers head coach is looking into his 10th Championship, wanting to pass Red Auerbach who leads the Celtics into 9 championship trophies. But he failed, he still has his 9 like Auerbach, and Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics head coaches steals the night and win it’s first.

Defense wins a championship game!

When Rivers was asked when meeting the team for the 1st time this season his first instruction was to play defense and it was proved to be effective. Celtics defense was really tight limiting Kobe Bryant to 22 points, a total of 7 of out of 22 in shooting. Celtics was able also to set an NBA record in steals on a championship game.

Individualism vs. Teamwork

This game had once again proven that if everyone works as a team, a goal can be achieved. Celtics bench contributed 16 points on the 1st half, and a total of 39 points for the game. Almost everyone was able to play on the floor except for Sam Cassell, whom won his 3rd championship of his career with 2 on from Houston Rockets. The team had been aggressive from the 1st quarter until the last quarter ends. No doubt that they break their previous record and set a 2nd highest record on most margins in an NBA championship game. They hit the 100 points mark on the 9th minute of the 4th quarter courtesy of a 3-point from Ray Allen, who set an NBA championship record of 7-3 pointers.

Under 4 minutes of the game, Celtics bench is still attacking the basket affecting the mentality of the Lakers. They had already shown desperation by giving hard fouls to Celtic bench players.

Once a dream, now a reality

It was a dream that came to a reality for Paul Pierce, who also grabbed the MVP for this Final series. He had beaten the team that he had grown up admiring back in L.A. For Kevin Garnett, he will no longer borrow a championship from Bill Russell, a Celtic legend, NBA hall of Famer and a huge inspiration for Garnett joining the Celtic team. “I have my own!, I have my own!” Garnett was saying as he hugged Russell on the middle court.

I have really enjoyed watching the game and bring back some old memories. I felt again how nice to feel a championship victory! We were young then, but we felt and enjoyed it. I can’t forget that experience winning a midget basketball league back in our province in 1991, I was on the 6th grade then. Though we were not that successful in the regional games, we are all happy and fulfilled to represent our province! Our school principal was a Lakers fan, that’s why our uniform is Gold with dark blue stripes, it looks like a Lakers uniform! It makes me smile really seeing myself on a photo on those jerseys.

Celtics was one of the team who woke me up and had been an inspiration for me on the game of basketball. I started to know them on the calendar that my dad gave me when I was in grade school. But unfortunately that time he gave it to my cousin who comes for a visit from the big city. I feel sad really that time, but I didn't mind it much at all and keep playing the game!